Friday, July 31, 2009

"I'm Going to Kill Myself, but at Least I'll Be Dignified"

Those who want to understand why many in the disability rights movement become so inflamed with the rhetoric of the euthanasia movement should note a particular adjective in this quote below from a BBC News story with the ugly title of MS woman wins right-to-die fight:
"Ms Purdy wishes to avoid an undignified and distressing end to her life. She is entitled to ask that this too must be respected."
Granted, no one wants a distressing end, whether it comes from Multiple Sclerosis -- or a car accident, a drowning, or perhaps being murdered.

But what is undignified about being ill, or to move the argument into realm of disability, about being physically or mentally handicapped in some fashion?

To say so -- to offer death as an alternative to a perception of indignity imposed by society -- denigrates the human dignity of every person who lives with a disability.

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