Friday, July 10, 2009

ACLU Takes on National Identity Numbers

A friend sent me the link to this clever little Shockwave Flash File that leads to the American Civil Liberties Union website. It's a skit about the Orwellian capabilities if and when national identity numbers are mated with persuasive computer technology.

Random thoughts ...
  • We already have unique identifying numbers, our Social Security numbers, and I find I'm often asked to recite the last four digits as a semi-password.
  • I've found that more than one business establishment knows from where I am calling if I use my land-line telephone.
  • Those who complain most about illegal immigration and undocumented workers -- We need action! -- implicitly are calling for something like this because there may be no other way to gain control of the issue.
  • It's also intriguing that the ACLU skit refers to a "national health insurance provider," and we are in the process of reordering the medical system in the USA in that direction.
  • The real push for such identities won't come from the government but rather from international corporations in the name of efficiency.

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