Saturday, May 16, 2009

WHEN PIGS FLY: An Appreciation

It seems I live my life in search of a "roundtuit," a condition exacerbated by my habit of brewing up a foul mixture of laziness, deliberation, and being easily distracted.

I'm only sorry it took me far too long to get 'round to reading my friend Bob Sanchez's novel When Pigs Fly.

The book is a a delight. Bob pops his readers into a Corvette of a comic novel and takes them through the twists and turns of a plot that traces between Massachusetts and Arizona.

Think Carl Hiaasen crossed with Donald Westlake, and you have the plot, character, and narrative conjured up by Sanchez in When Pigs Fly.

My favorite characters were the two stooges tripping through the novel as Ace and Frosty.
"Olé," Frosty said. "This is no time to talk about potato chips," Ace said, even though Lay's was his favorite brand. "We'll have supper later."
This bit of dialog occurs as a former-pet javelina makes a charge from a motel bathroom, the proprietor of which believes Frosty is deaf because Ace told him that Frosty can "lip-synch."

Guffaw-inspiring dialog and scenes are scattered throughout When Pigs Fly.

  • Buy it.
  • Read it.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Then look for Bob's next effort Getting Lucky.

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