Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund and CCA 09

The Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund recently made a Facebook post which said in part ...
In coming weeks, the Senate will finalize legislation to reform America’s health care system. Long-term services and supports are essential to individuals with disabilities and seniors and must be included.
  • ·While over 48 million Americans do not have medical insurance, over 250 million Americans lack any insurance protection for the costs of long-term services.
  • ·Nearly half of all funding for long-term services is provided through Medicaid that requires individuals to impoverish themselves to receive supports.
  • ·There is an institutional bias within Medicaid that denies Americans with disabilities an equal choice for home and community services.
  • ·Hundreds of thousands of individuals with disabilities
The DREDF advocates a National Call-In day tomorrow ...
  • When: Wednesday, May 13 (Between 8AM and 6PM EDT)
  • Call-In Number: 1-866-459-9232 (Toll Free)
  • You will be asked which state you are calling from and will be connected to your Senators’ offices.
While I believe in "free our people" is one of the most critical issues facing us -- that is, the social and economic advantages of moving people with disabilities from nursing homes and similar institutions -- I am not sure the cause is a "health issue."

I am disabled. I am not ill. That's why I believe The Community Choice Act of 2009 should take priority in the attempt to integrate people with disabilities into mainstream society.

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