Thursday, May 28, 2009

Armbands and Parking Spaces

A friend noted that the identifier mentioned in yesterday's post might be considered as something similar to the license plate or sticker that allows a person with a disability to use an accessible parking space, which she felt was a consideration offered by the state to a person with a disability.

I think the license plate or the sticker signifies only a right to a privilege. And it is entirely voluntary. No one is forced to use an accessible parking spot simply because he or she happens to be a person with a disability.

Of course, I do wear a badge -- in the form of a large red and black power wheelchair. And that experience has taught me that my badge changes the way I am treated in every new situation.

As to considerations, I offer that we (meaning people with disabilities) deserve no more consideration than any other "set" of citizens who happen to reside at a different place on the scale of normalcy.

Our only right is to equal access and accommodation.

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