Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Choosing to Enter the Light

My friend Karna Converse reviewed a book written by the student of a friend, a somewhat complicated connection moved toward serendipity by a discussion carried out on Facebook yesterday about the bioethics espoused by Peter Singer. The book -- Wherever I Am, I'm Fine -- is about dying, and about choosing to die. Some might call it "assisted suicide," a subject so much in the news lately and so rife with controversy among disability rights advocates.

The writer chose to enter the light on March 30th, surrendering herself to fate. I'm not certain how I feel about it, but an NPR reporter covered the event with empathy and honesty, I think..

What I do know is that I am grateful that no outside agency, no government, no decider intervened in the most personal of decisions.

Read Converse's review of ...
Letters About Living While Dying

By Catherine Royce
273 pp. Xlibris $19.99
From NPR ...

Catherine's Choice: To Plan A Death With Dignity
by Richard Knox

On the appointed morning, her loved ones gathered. Catherine was aware and engaged during the two-hour process. Eventually she dozed off. And here let me quote again from her last essay:

What can I tell you about the bright light? It really is there. I saw it. I can in no way guarantee that you will see one, too, or that I will see one again. But I hope we are all so blessed.

Catherine Royce was 60 when she died on March 30.

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