Monday, February 16, 2009

Two for One at the Internet Review of Books

How to Live
By Henry Alford
I suppose only a person wise enough to know the nature of wisdom would be qualified to review a book subtitled A Search for Wisdom from Old People.

Stars? Let's offer the man 3.5, although I know I couldn't have done as good a job. What keeps the glitter below "4" is my desire for more wisdom from old people not related to Alford.

Kill for Me

By Karen Rose
For my money, there are two ways of rating a mystery as a success. If the book is a page-turner, I know the author is doing a whole lot of things right.

Crank my arm hard enough and I might stop insisting that James Lee Burke is the best mystery writer ever. But let's set him aside and grant that most mystery series are good reads, albeit I am not familiar enough with Rose's characters yet to say she might be ready to challenge better known names.

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