Friday, January 9, 2009

I Can Always Make Fun of Me, But Sometimes You Can't

Casey Seiler wrote an interesting commentary about the patronizing "Saturday Night Live" skit using New York Governor David Paterson as a foil.

Read "Speech Shows Paterson Defies Stereotype of TV Skit" here.

I was sufficiency impressed that a media member got it on first try that I wrote Seiler a note ...
It's good to see a person of some influence who understands why people in the disability community also "gagged" when the SNL skit aired.

" ... the fact that the governor is another unexpected and imperfect implement" says it all, says what people with disabilities want other people to hear, but not because the governor is blind but rather because it speaks to the Augustinian ideal of mankind's imperfection.

That Paterson happens to be blind may be one imperfection, but it is not as ... handicapping as a politician who is blind to ethics and moral responsibility.

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