Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Voice from Down Here

The Dancing with Monsters blog presents interesting perception about disability in this world. In the most recent post, the author offers the opinion that "God values us and values our stories."

About that I am not sure. I sometimes think God Is what was before the Big Bang and awaits us beyond the edge of Infinity.

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deanna said...

Hello, Gary. I have two things to thank you for and a comment (bad grammar aside, sorry). First, this week I read Seven Wheelchairs. Thanks for writing one of a handful of memoirs that will stick with me a long time, and maybe even help as I work on possibly doing my own.

Second, thanks for linking to the Internet Writing Workshop. I joined their nonfiction list this week and am amazed that it's done so well. After nearly twenty years in and out of critique groups, I can see that people have put thought and effort into making this go. I mentioned it to the editor of Relief (, a journal for which I've written and am currently a reader. She invited me to post a blog about critique groups and give a shout out to IWW, something I'll be glad to do.

Last, I looked at the blog you mentioned in your post and am pondering your comment about faith in mystery. It would be fun to discuss that sometime, but maybe I'll just ponder and try to write something for critique on IWW. Thanks again.