Monday, December 22, 2008

Author Interview Published on "Pilgrim Steps"

Among other things about which I know little, I offered an opinion on writing a memoir ...

Don't begin unless you're wiling to learn more about the person you may really be ... I cannot say that I knew Gary Presley entirely until I finished Seven Wheelchairs and then began to contemplate what I wrote. I pray I'm not deluded, but I think I like myself a little better now.

As to the practicalities of the writing process ...
  • Write every day.
  • Join a critique group, preferably an online one where people will be more apt to tell you the truth about your work.
  • Take criticism without becoming defensive.
  • Regard criticism as opinion.
  • That means stay true to your voice and your message.
  • Grammar and syntax are important but not as important as the story and the truth it contains.
  • Tell the truth even when it hurts, especially if it is painful for you to tell it.
  • Remember the truth is sometimes subjective, which means each person perceives events and people differently.
  • Believe in your truth.
  • Prepare to be rejected, multiple times.
  • Persevere in the face of those rejections.

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Anonymous said...

Another wonderful interview Gary! Congrats!