Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seven Wheelchairs Reviewed in The New York Times!

A supportive and enthusiastic review of Seven Wheelchairs was published today in the New York Times under the byline of the physician and author Abigail Zuger.

Those who prefer their miracles in subtler and more secular form might turn instead to Gary Presley’s extraordinary memoir of a life after polio. No one rises from a wheelchair and walks again in this book, yet the miracles clearly abound.

Mr. Presley writes with candor and precision about every facet of the next five decades. He learned to breathe without machinery, but he never walked again ... As for toileting: Mr. Presley’s chapter devoted to the mechanics of urination and defecation in the face of paralysis is a tour de force that should be required reading for all.

  • Read the entire review here.

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