Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"I Apologize!"


I apologize.

I apologize.

I think I'm on my third or fourth apology -- sincere, truly -- to various bloggers and list-administrators as I flounder about in the throes of self-promotion of my memoir (a pause for a word from our sponsor: Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio) and splash words in places best left unmarked.

I've been following every disability link I can find via the Internet attempting to secure venues for a mention of my memoir. Thus, I sometimes land upon sites where my understanding of netiquette incorporates fails me.

And so I apologize.
"I apologize. Sincerely. My enthusiasm for self-promotion (which the Press expects of me) and my ignorance of your Internet community trampled my inherent respect for good manners. I have no excuses to offer, only regret for my boorishness."
The Press can only do so much post-publication, and I'm trying to do One Thing Every Day. I've been doing blog searches lately, and now I'm searching out websites and/or people who are focused on disability interests. I've got a couple of interviews scheduled (only with the local Gannett publication) and I'm working hard as well to find venues for essays touching on the theme of the book.

As I quirk of personality, I have rolled through life believing there would be one thing I overlooked which would lead to downfall and defeat. I am determined than an apology, when appropriate, will not be that thing.
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