Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"I Apologize!"


I apologize.

I apologize.

I think I'm on my third or fourth apology -- sincere, truly -- to various bloggers and list-administrators as I flounder about in the throes of self-promotion of my memoir (a pause for a word from our sponsor: Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio) and splash words in places best left unmarked.

I've been following every disability link I can find via the Internet attempting to secure venues for a mention of my memoir. Thus, I sometimes land upon sites where my understanding of netiquette incorporates fails me.

And so I apologize.
"I apologize. Sincerely. My enthusiasm for self-promotion (which the Press expects of me) and my ignorance of your Internet community trampled my inherent respect for good manners. I have no excuses to offer, only regret for my boorishness."
The Press can only do so much post-publication, and I'm trying to do One Thing Every Day. I've been doing blog searches lately, and now I'm searching out websites and/or people who are focused on disability interests. I've got a couple of interviews scheduled (only with the local Gannett publication) and I'm working hard as well to find venues for essays touching on the theme of the book.

As I quirk of personality, I have rolled through life believing there would be one thing I overlooked which would lead to downfall and defeat. I am determined than an apology, when appropriate, will not be that thing.


william Peace said...

Gary, As an author of a book published by a university press, I appreciate what you are trying to do. Writing is a time consuming process and once a manuscript transforms into a book you want others to read it. University presses do little or no promotion, print a small number of books and if you are like me get frustrated. All that work and then a few scribbled notes come in from readers and reviews appear a year later. In short, I think the way you are getting the word out is great. Bloggers on disability are a finite group and I may have missed your book had you not sent me an email. Most importantly, I liked your book. It reminded me of Kriegal's writing and consider you among the hard asses of polio survivors. This is a compliment as you came of age well before laws such as t he ADA were passed.

Carter said...

Keep it up. Promote, apologize later. I put a link to the IRB review in the disability article in the major online encyclopedia and we've been getting hits from it every other day.

Tried to do it in a similar article and got nowhere. So what? Keep on keeping on--you know about that.

Bob Sanchez said...

It doesn't sound as though you owe any apologies. You are doing people a favor by telling them about your excellent book. They should thank you.

Have you posted an article on Wikipedia? (I keep forgetting to do that for myself.) Can't hoit, as my New Joisey brother says.

Also, I will be glad to mention you on my blog--which will probably double its traffic if you visit.

Terri said...

Hi Gary, some bloggers do feel strongly about this stuff. For myself, the lines are not that clear.

I think this is a good blog post about book promotion, see what you think:

You could guest-blog at my blog email me t abrams (at)rochester (period) rr (period) com (remove the spaces and put in the symbols!