Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Reviews: Making an Honest Living

In between episodes of self-aggrandizement -- that is, publicizing Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio -- I try to work up a book review for The Internet Review of Books.

This month I reviewed Steve Rinella's American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon. I'll read -- and enjoy -- nearly anything about the history of the American west, and Buffalo was no exception.

Buffalo was fact-filled, much of which was esoteric information. One thing I continue to marvel over is the author's contention -- or rather the contention of experts discovered in his research -- is that a contributing factor in the rapid decline in grizzly bear numbers as the west was populated was the direct result of the destruction of the great buffalo herds.

The grizzlies, it seems, didn't hunt buffalo, but the bears did scavenge (feast?) upon the carcasses of buffalo killed while crossing western rivers during herd migration.

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