Monday, August 25, 2008

Years in the Making

Shall we call it analogous to the gestation period of the elephant? No, that's too short. Frankly, I cannot remember when I began to think book. I only know that The Book I thought about, dreamed about, doubted would ever be real all those years ago arrived via Fed-Ex shortly before noon today.

The in-print copy of Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio.

A Real Thing.

The editor at University of Iowa Press says that anyone purchasing Seven Wheelchairs from another source may have the purchased copy delivered to the
University of Iowa Press in care of Gary Presley. I will sign the copies, and the Press will mail them to the purchaser.

University of Iowa Press
119 West Park Road,
100 Kuhl House
Iowa City IA 52242-1000.


Ross Eldridge said...

Hi Gary!

Marra, that's champion news! And it looks good in the photo too, I'm a convert to the cover.

REAL! You could drop it on the floor and it would make a noise.

Next friend or family member I have coming across from the USA, I'll have bring me a copy.

Now the Tour begins, eh? Pace yourself!



sc morgan said...

¡Que emocion! Senor.

The book looks wonderful "in hand" and I'm sure it looks that way to you, too.

Big congratulations to you.

I'll order a copy, although I'm sure your publisher won't want to send it to Costa Rica. Maybe I can get my mother to ship it to me. All the best.

Saludes y abrazos!