Friday, August 15, 2008


I began my review of The Power Makers by Maury Klein by noting "A wise man rolls through life understanding there are things he knows, things he doesn’t know, and things he thinks he knows but really doesn’t know."

If a person's knowledge is a mile wide and a millimeter deep -- that is, filled with trivia -- The Power Makers debunks a whole bushel of folk wisdom.

Is the book a worthwhile read? I know this: "Be prepared to follow Klein as he assembles this Rubik’s Cube of names and faces as you turn the pages of The Power Makers. Each person named represents only one genome in the millions comprising the DNA ladder of our post-Industrial universe—this place where integrated circuits and orbiting satellites and light-emitting diodes make practical an instant message from the iPhone of a critic in Auckland, New Zealand, who disagrees with this review."

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