Monday, June 23, 2008

Will a Copy of SEVEN WHEELCHAIRS be Worth a Half-Million Dollars?

A professor I know via a disability-in-the-media discussion list wrote me over the weekend regarding an advanced review copy of Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio that ended up at the Review of Disability Studies.

A copy intended for David Pfeiffer where my acquaintance is the Reviews Editor. Professor Pfeiffer, he noted, is deceased. He went on, "If you do know that, Iowa doesn't because they sent the advance copy of your book to him. And I wanted to read it -- but, the text for the entire book, is upside down! I'm not sure if I got a unique copy, but thought you'd want to know there's at least 1 out there -- and if
only 1 you might want it!"

So? Why a half-a-million? Read this, and you'll find the source of my fantasy.

Botched stamp fetches record price
Upside-down plane sells for $525,000 at auction

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Ruth D~ said...

Oh, eBay it Gary! You'll make millions . . .

. . .of people say, "is he serious?"