Monday, June 2, 2008

Prairie Lights, an Appearance

I'm climbing out from under a big pile of 'things in email' that need my attention, one of which is to appear Oct 3 at Prairie Lights Bookstore for a taped-to-be-played) appearance on Iowa Public Radio, plus a book signing. That's at 7pm and will follow a "dinner" with the Iowa Press.

Belinda's already asked me what she's supposed to wear. "Formal? I bet it's formal!"

I think I'll be rolling among an artsy, professorial crowd. I intend to wear my red Converse All Stars, blue jeans, a red silk shirt, a black-gray-white tie with a design that forms into zebras when a person looks at it in a certain way, and my gray hounds-tooth sport jacket with leather patches on the elbows. The tie makes it "Formal."

Anyway, I heard from two different, and too dear, writing friends who have attended an Iowa Writer's Workshop a few years ago that Prairie Lights is an independent bookstore well-known among people more famous and intelligent than an Army brat-turned-hillbilly who happened to write a book.
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