Monday, June 2, 2008

Prairie Lights, an Appearance

I'm climbing out from under a big pile of 'things in email' that need my attention, one of which is to appear Oct 3 at Prairie Lights Bookstore for a taped-to-be-played) appearance on Iowa Public Radio, plus a book signing. That's at 7pm and will follow a "dinner" with the Iowa Press.

Belinda's already asked me what she's supposed to wear. "Formal? I bet it's formal!"

I think I'll be rolling among an artsy, professorial crowd. I intend to wear my red Converse All Stars, blue jeans, a red silk shirt, a black-gray-white tie with a design that forms into zebras when a person looks at it in a certain way, and my gray hounds-tooth sport jacket with leather patches on the elbows. The tie makes it "Formal."

Anyway, I heard from two different, and too dear, writing friends who have attended an Iowa Writer's Workshop a few years ago that Prairie Lights is an independent bookstore well-known among people more famous and intelligent than an Army brat-turned-hillbilly who happened to write a book.


Carter said...

I guess "Break a leg!" is not particularly appropriate, but I hope you have great weather and a big crowd, every member of which buys the book.

Ross Eldridge said...

Hi Gary:

I looked for "7 Wheelchairs" at Amazon.UK to see if I could pre-order it over here. It is mentioned, but not available over here as a pre-order. I hope it will cross the Atlantic. If not, I shall get a friend to buy me a copy and post it this Autumn.

Erm ... That's quite the outfit you have planned for your dinner ... Take it from someone who shopped in Carnaby Street in the 1960s ... But no hat?

There's a world map on your blog page as I write in the Post a Comment Window ... and an * is glowing where England is ... like the pimple on the nose or chin you always got just before going out on a Saturday night with the bird you were trying to impress.

That glowing pimple must be me. Clever, this technology.

Cheers, mate!