Monday, May 19, 2008

Talking to Professionals

... wherein I manage a mention of the forthcoming Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio.

Gary Presley always had a kinetic spirit. He could go to a concert, throw back a couple beers, and dash to work bright-eyed the next day. Around 1985, life seemed to catch up with him.

Presley, a polio survivor, was in his 40s and worked as an office manager at a Missouri insurance firm. He found himself dozing at his desk and constantly felt as if he just finished a marathon in his wheelchair. His family doctor said it might be heart disease and prescribed furosemide, a diuretic, for his edema.

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Carter said...

That was a fascinating article, Gary. Obviously, they're still figuring out what's best to do for people in your shoes.

But I've always been impressed that you keep on keeping on, and you do so well.

I'm glad to see your book is getting some publicity. Eat those "crips" and enjoy yourself!