Friday, May 9, 2008

Exploring the Electronic Amazon

So my wife wants an iPod Nano for Mother's Day. I'm shopping around to see what's out there that Apple doesn't make, perusing the offerings on Amazon.

And what's a search engine without a little ego surfing, right? I plugged in the relevant terms and saw that my memoir, set for October release, is already available for pre-order via Amazon.

Cool beans, especially since I received a copy of the Press' full-cover fall catalog the other day.

And all this reminds me -- considering the wonderful jacket blurb from fellow list member Peggy Vincent -- that whatever success I've had with my writing has been generated in a large part by The Internet Writing Workshop, one of the web's oldest writing critique groups, and surely the best.

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sc morgan said...

Cool Beans, indeed. I'll go there and pre-order one for my Library. I think I've said this before, but it has been quite educational watching you go through this process. Congratulations, Sir!