Friday, March 28, 2008

Goodbye Dali ... !

UIPress ... "checking in to say that your book is going to typesetting today, isn't that terrific! Seeing page proofs, which are so close to book form, will make it all seem real ... expect your page proofs to arrive in our offices around 5-16, so I wanted to give you a heads-up. I'll FedEx your set of proofs as soon as I receive them, and you'll have about 2 weeks to read through them and make any final corrections before returning them to us ... "

Gary ... "I suppose page proofs will make it all "realer." I have sent out four essays so far in an attempt to promote the book ... I always use a cover page noting that the essays are adaptations from a forthcoming publication from the University of Iowa Press, thinking perhaps if an editor sees the material already passed muster with a publisher might get a closer reading ... I hear that cover art is the next step. Since the title change, I've been thinking that a "wheelchair" representation on the cover might reinforce the dynamic. As I've told you, I do like surrealistic images, and my choice would be turning Dali's "melting clocks" into "melting wheelchairs." For some reason that concept resonates with me -- it's almost symbolizes the metamorphosis within a person's life ... "

UIPress ... "Thanks for the update on your essay submissions, and thanks too for continuing to promote your writing and the book so thoroughly ... As usual, just as with your tattoo idea, I am too stodgy to appreciate the melting Dali wheelchairs! I love Dali but his art screams 'self-conscious European last century' to me, and your book jacket needs to look contemporary and needs to make an instant connection between you and the reader in the two seconds that a bookstore browser will give it. We're moving toward an idea that we really like, and I'll let you know as soon as it jells ... "

Gary ... Ah, yes, I understand the cover design is better left to professionals ... "


Carter said...

Those people have no imagination *at all*! No way they're going to come up with a cover idea better than yours.

Another possibility--a wheelchair sticking out of a fireplace, like Rene Magritte's locomotive --

But I guess you have to put up with them.


Will H. said...

I hope you can join our community "Support People with Disabilities" on

Will H.

Tim Elhajj said...

What was your tattoo idea? If we're all going to meet up at the tattoo parlor and get "SEVEN WHEELCHAIRS: a memoir" tattooed on our biceps, I am so game!

Ruth D~ said...

Oh, that Dali. I was thinking Dali Lama. Duh! That's spelled differently: Dalai, I think. I'd be frustrated Gary. You have such good ideas, and you have to bow to the Hopefully good ideas of others.