Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fortune Cookies, David Leong, and Jennifer 8. Lee

I'll be reviewing Jennifer 8. Lee's The Fortune Cookie Chronicles in the next issue of The Internet Review of Books, and so I wrote her a quick note about cashew chicken, Springfield style, the invention of a man who immigrated to Springfield, Missouri before World War II.

Lee knew the name -- that is, cashew chicken -- but she didn't know the history. Sunday she wrote me ... "hi! just added cashew chicken to the blog!"

But I'm a reader, at least so identified on her blog, and I really wanted to be more, to have a few seconds of my fifteen minutes. Of course, I did read the book -- and enjoyed it and learned from it. But I'm a writer and reviewer, one who is but I'm also reviewing the book -- and, hey, maybe there's fame by geographical association -- I live within a couple of miles of the original Leong's Restaurant here in Springfield.

My review of the Jennifer 8. Lee's delightful book will be published in The Internet Review of Books April issue.

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Bob Sanchez said...

8. is her middle initial? Interesting. I read an article about her recently, in Time Magazine I believe.