Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At Last!

A decision! A resolution! An agreement!

Thanks to my writing friend Sarah Morgan, I was able to move the University of Iowa Press away from Seven Wheelchairs: Living with Polio to a title that seems to resonate with me, at least insofar as the Press marketing committee thinks it necessary to mention wheelchair and polio in the title.

Sarah said "living with" sounds too much like a self-help book. I hadn't thought of it, but her words turned on the lightbulb (compact flourescent, of course). I recommend the subtitle as either "A Life after Polio" or "A Life beyond Polio."

As you'll see from the new blog header, it's the latter.

Consider me relieved ...


Tim Elhajj said...

Sarah is good with titles. She helped me (sub) title my blog!

Lois said...

Titles are rough. Sounds like you've got a good one! Congrats on everything, Gary.