Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Internet Review of Books, Volume 1, Number 3

The newest issue of the Internet Review of Books is now live, with ten reviews of current nonfiction, plus the traditional Lasting Impressions review of a book that made a difference in someone's life.

This month I reviewed ...
Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

By Craig Childs
322 pp. Little, Brown and Company $24.99

... it's an extraordinarily well-written book, especially if you're the sort of reader who follows the work of writers like Barry Lopez, Edward Abbey, or John McPhee.
"Readers will also learn Childs lived in a tipi in the Colorado mountains, and walked alone into deserts and canyons around the southwest and the great temperate rain forest of the Pacific northwest, and explored the isolated, pristine, and formidable Gore Mountains in far reaches of the Centennial State ... "
A witty and erudite friend commented that we seem to be finding too many books we like. With The Animal Dialogues I found it nearly impossible to say anything negative.

But I am not alone. Sara Rose, Associated Press Writer, also gave it a read it recommendation, with only a reasonable caveat, Childs advises in an author's note that the reader may want to take these essays one at a time and that is good advice."

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