Friday, December 7, 2007

Entitled to a Title

The memoir formerly known as Riding Lessons: Learning by the Seat of My Pants still languishes without a title while migrating through the copy-editing process at the University of Iowa Press.

The editor-in-chief asked for a group of family photographs to use in the brainstorming process with her marketing and publicity committee. I sent the one to the left, taken long ago and far away at Knotts Berry Farm, southern California's precursor to Disneyland.

"Wow, what a photo!" she said.

"Hmm," I replied, "and there's the mention of the ghost of the person I might have been sans-polio. Which then moves to the element of the memoir's title -- The Ghost of Polio-Past."

But, alas. It was too easy, too mundane a leap for the marketing mavens.

"I know the ghost metaphor appeals to you," came the response. "It doesn't work so well for me. You've established such a solid identity by the end of the ms in
your own right."

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