Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Economies of Printing

The manuscript for the memoir formerly known as Riding Lessons: Learning by the Seat of My Pants was shipped via Fed-Ex to the University of Iowa Press.

The editor wanted the manuscript-with-pencil-revisions returned as well as three copies of the revised manuscript. I thought it would be simpler to print one copy and have Fed-Ex's affiliated Kinko office photocopy it twice. It wasn't.

I used about one ink cartridge printing 328 pages (Courier New), and it cost nearly $60 to make two photocopies. Ink cartridges -- black, that is -- are drifting down to near $15 at Wally World.

Essentially, then, I paid twice as much to photocopy the manuscript as I would to have printed two more copies myself.

Who knew?

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