Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bookcrossing at Battlefield Mall

I released a copy of AROUND THE OPRY TABLE: A Feast of Recipes and Stories from The Grand Ole Opry by Kay West into the world at the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Missouri, appropriately on a coffee table outside a Starbucks.

It's carrying its BCID number as well as a note that it has been reviewed within The Internet Review of Books current issue.

We reviewers receive free copies of books, and I like the idea of launching them into the world once they've been read, especially if the book is worth sharing. Summing up AROUND THE OPRY TABLE is easy. "West’s effort will appeal to nearly any country music fan’s appetite. But readers who knows Bill Monroe invented Bluegrass music or that Jimmie Rodgers’ widow lent Ernest Tubb the Singing Brakeman’s guitar to use in Tubb’s first recording session music will want the book for its history and its insights into the lives of early Opry stars."

Those interested in why an emporium covering several acres of shops devoted to excess consumerism -- everything from
Old Navy to Abercrombie and Fitch to Godiva's Chocolates and Victoria's Secret should be named Battlefield should know that the mall adjoins what once was a farm road named Battlefield, which runs west from the southern edge of of Springfield to the site of the bloodiest battle of the US Civil War west of the Mississippi River. Read about the Battle of Wilson's Creek here.

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