Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Last Revision of the Memoir Formerly Known as "Riding Lessons"

I'm humbled to learn that no matter how many times I went through my memoir's manuscript I didn't catch a number of typographical errors. When critiquing someone's work I always suggest reading the words aloud to catch that sort of thing. I didn't. I should have.
Will I when I go through the revision-of-the-revision? Probably not. I dislike the sound of my own voice.

I finished the edits out this afternoon, turning 80,000 words into 71,000 words, while simultaneously cleaning up the minor errors caught by fresh eyes.

Interesting factoids discovered while editing?
  • I have a habit of constructing awkward syntax.
  • I'm prone to string multiple diverse and not-quite-similar adjectives in a line.
  • I invariably use he as a second person pronoun.
  • I hate he or she as a reference.
  • I cringe at the Chicago Manual of Style's lower case army as a description of our nation's Army. To anyone who has served or been in environment of our nation's military services understand they are the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

I'm now set for the second run-through, adding those little bits of transition and exposition necessary to re-knit the 90% left of my last manuscript back into coherence.

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