Friday, September 21, 2007

That Pesky but, Oh, So Necessary, Author's Marketing Questionnaire

"I feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." - Dr. Jonas Salk

Here's the Marketing Questionnaire, came the email from the marketing department of the University of Iowa Press, accompanied by the note that "The more carefully, completely, and imaginatively you fill it out, the more effectively we can sell Riding Lessons."

What is the Questionnaire -- a handful of pages of information you need to provide that helps the publishing house understand how they can make people want to buy your book.

Be prepared to ...
  • Provide detailed personal and professional information
  • Offer input for the design of the book cover and book jacket
  • Understand how to reel in the reader with a 250 word summary
  • Have a zinger sentence for the cover
  • Know what books will compete with your book and why your book is better
  • Provide a detailed concept of your audience
  • Suggest writers who might endorse your book
  • Suggest publicity venues
  • Suggest venues for reviews
  • Find elements of your book that might be published as excerpts
  • Suggest publications to print those excerpts
  • Provide ideas of how you personally might promote your book
  • Suggest competitions where your book might compete for recognition
  • Provide a list of local book stores and other markets for book sales
  • Suggest national and regional magazines with readerships who might find your book interesting, thus providing another source of reviews or locations for advertising
  • List possible international markets, review venues, and advertising potential
A writer's work is never done.

Review Wish List for my memoir, Riding Lessons: Learning by the Seat of My Pants, if that turns out to be the title ...

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